From My Heart To  Your Heart

Forgiveness- Such a beautiful word to write in cursive.  Forgiving others isn’t always an elegant action. 
Forgiveness requires a strong and brave heart. In my life, “I am sorry” or “Will you forgive me?” has rarely been given.   Most of my forgiving acts came after being misused, hurt, or let down with no clear explanation. I’ve watched prince charming turn into an evil monster in a matter of hours, and I can tell you story after story about how people choose a chaotic and fake life over clarity and peace.    Even in my attempts to live open and honest, I’m sure I’ve let others down at some point or been misunderstood.  I’m not too proud to say, “I am sorry” when it is required.
Here is the deal, growth requires the tough stuff in life. Understanding that my obstacles have made my heart beautiful and wide, I still struggle to forgive the person who doesn’t have any remorse for their hurtful actions. Do you feel this way too?  Those are the people we need forgive the most in life because forgiveness means to LET GO!  So, let’s - Let Go!

Let go of the insecurities attached to that past person.  Let go of the” promise of their potential” because at this point in life actions need to speak louder than words.  Let go and release the energy and scraps of anything they left behind on their destructive path.  Let go and thank them for their crazy that didn’t hide so that you did not get comfortable in their life. In between the tears and questions – Let Go.  When you are angry and know that you deserve better – LET GO! Forgiveness is not excusing their behavior. It is releasing their hold on your life. The people you let go might come back and ask for forgiveness.  That will test your boundaries and self-love. A future conversation might help heal past hurts and questions, but you are not required to allow that person a front row seat in your life.  Remember your worth!  Don’t forget how far you have come and remember you deserve to have a protected heart. Forgiveness is a journey that opens the door for peace to write beautifully on your heart and mind.

Brave, Beautiful Hearts

Stand up for yourself.  Maybe you  invested your heart into the wrong  someone or something.   It may take time, but will find your strength. 
Your  purpose is  greater than your pain.
Don't let anyone dull your shine.  Within you is a beautiful confidence that shines brighter than  all of your fears.  

Awaken and  experience the beauty around you.

Tomorrow isn't promised

We don't always have tomorrow.  How many times has someone crossed your mind and you thought “Oh! I’ll call them another time” or “I have time to catch up, but I am too busy today.”  We put people off over and over again until it is too late to show them attention. Eventually we won’t have the chance to care about someone, be there for them, or share a laugh. 
In the business of life, it is easy to take people for granted- assuming they will always be there.  The people who mean the most to you need to hear  from you more often.   We cannot keep too busy to remind people in our life that they are important to us. Life is so temporary – make the most of the opportunities that you have to love each other!


Daydreams Become My Reality

I started this year saying "Allow your dreams to be seen."
My dreams are starting be seen in my life.  I attended my first book signing for Lost Dreams.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  Your support and encouragement are hugging my heart.  I am thankful to be chosen as a part of this project  that Dawn M. Bell and  Bell Publishing put together to inspire others.
 Gratefulness and Love are my favorite   companions this year.  More adventures are on their way!

Happy New Year!!

Each year I set a goal with a catchy title - I like words when they are backed up with heart! This year it is 2017 - Let your dreams be seen.

Sometimes it is easy to make goals but hard to complete them. Make this the year where you make your dreams a reality and encourage one another to achieve their desired reality. Look how much you have overcome the past year. Now, join me for another year full of adventure, growth,and hope. 

"My heart has been a stomping ground for those who couldn't handle the beauty there.My soul has been invisible to the ones who never learned to see beyond the surface...a soul like mine is rare.."SL

Allowing people into your heart can be exhausting or beautiful. Sometimes people brighten your light only to extinguish it to build up their own strength.
We all need to be energized, inspired, and re-sparked from time to time. If we didn't need someone, we'd embrace seclusion because there would be no loneliness. Inviting  people into our lives means  taking a chance on being misused, taken for granted or opens up the door to beautiful encounters of connection.

What I am learning about letting the wrong people in my life: once people feel strong, they push away the person who helped to create their glowing strength. They tend to only give back their exhausted scraps of love. With each push away, it is easy to feel inadequate and brightness within can become dim. There are no warning signs attached to inspiration-sucking vampires. Once they realize they can't drain your beautiful spirit, they move on. Sweet Lovely Heart, please don't give up because here is what I learned about letting the right people in my life: One day the heart will be beautifully awakened without neglect. Until then please know that if you have been taken for granted it probably has nothing to do with you.     People can't love right until they love themselves.

Real, transparent relationships can change a heart;
open, loving hearts
can change the world.

Creating relationships that cultivate community requires love, time, patience, perseverance, and most of all faithfulness.  They need to be intimate yet different and personable yet structured.  Sometimes a person must go
into different worlds to create connections. At times, we might have to uncomfortably love and help others to share our stories which build trust and growth.

Create connections that inspire
the best version
of yourself and others.

Whatever you are facing-

Do NOT let fear

dictate your decisions.

 You can do this!!!

                                                                                                      Happily Ever After

Don't settle your heart for less than it deserves - This is the season of change - Fall in love with yourself to better love others

Whoever create the phrase "Happily ever after" must have been  very young.  I am finding the older I become, the more I understand that life is full of miscommunication, assumptions, and long days.  Put those into the mix of a relationship and sometimes “Till death do us part” seems like a legend told long ago.    I wonder how many people that celebrate sixty or seventy years of marriage are truly happy and feel important in their relationships.  I imagine that those who celebrate many years are deeply in love.  For my sake, I have to hold on to the thinking there was once a time where love stood the test of bad days in this crazy world. 

 When people can work through the mystery of love, passion grows – but it seems everyone changes with age.  Sometimes these changes provide a great motivation to love and cherish, while sometimes the change makes people want to pursue other things.  When you have given your all and loved to the fullest, Sometimes change is necessary!

My relationships that have ended were because I realized that   I wasn’t willing to spend my years miserable, hurt, or in a negative environment.  Other times they ended because the person didn't mean what they said and actions were just a great performance.   When children, familiarity, or history are involved, hanging on seems like the best thing  to do.  But should love feel like a chore?   How can happily ever after be like those moments in “Cinderella” or “Snow White?”  We all want Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet; Unfortunately, “Prince/Princess Harming” broke too many  glass slippers after his or her  hard, long day. 

I believe happily ever can still exist.   Trusting people is hard.

I have learned that connection isn’t always based on comfort.
My  deepest connections have been created though misunderstandings, confusion, and frustration. 

Happily ever after takes patience and intention – You just have to find the right person who is worth trusting with your heart.  Don’t let the villains in your story  distract you from believing you are worthy of your  happily ever after, even if it isn’t the happily ever after your grandparents experienced. 

You don't have to commit intellectual suicide to believe that the dreams of your heart were divinely designed.


 YOUR heart has the power to be a LOVE NOTE that someone need to read today.

Just as your finger print has a unique pattern,  you have a heart print that is capable of becoming a frequency of hope and love.  When we choose to live through the guidance of the heart, we begin to break down barriers and communicate in beautiful languages.