Created with a passion for writing, Shelly Ambrose loves to make words rhyme and touch hearts.   Work of Hearts, Inc.  was created after writing a poem that gave her new perspective on purpose.  The gift in her heart has awakened, and she is grateful to God for designing her with a creative purpose.  Shelly is an educator and the author of Heart Language. She is also the CEO of Work of Hearts, Inc. Shelly has published a short story in the Lost Dreams anthology.  Her  poetry can be found in Down the Rabbit Hole  and in Microaggression: Then and Now.  

Shelly  launched  Work of Hearts Magazine to shine a light on authors, poets, artists,   photographers, and
those who positively impact their communities. In all areas of life, Shelly desires for her heart to be seen
and to inspire others because we need each other on this amazing journey.
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